We Serve

Automotive Industry

Body Graphics, Decals, In-Mold decoration, Interior Trims, Name Plates & Logos, High Temperature Labels, Asset Tracking Labels, PVC Sunvisors

Construction Business

Glass glazing adhesive tapes, Name plates, Graphics & Decals, 2D & 3D Routed articals.


Electrical Insulation Products

Pressure sensitive self adhesive labels, Asset Tracking labels, Cable Wraps, Name Plates, Laser marked products, FR grade paper insulator, Enclosure insualotr parts

Telecom Industry

Asset tracking Labels, Self Adhesive Labels, Name plates


Banking Sector

Tamper evident products, Display articals, Name Plates, EL products, Laser marked Solutions, Asset tracking Labels

Aviation Industry

DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Government of India) approved labels & decals


Renewable Energy Sector

Insulatros, Asset tracking Labels, Laser marking Solutions, Injection molded assemblies, Machined & assembled Plastic Enclosures, High performance Labels, Thermal application Labels

Consumer Electronics

Decals & Decal kits, In-Mold decorated parts, Dome Labels, High temperature labels, Laser marked Solutions, NHV Foams,


Toys Industry

Dome Labels, In-Mold decorated parts, Asset tracking Labels, Self Adhesive Labels, Tamper Evident labels

Electrical & Electronics

Tamper evident products, Display articals, Name Plates, EL products, Laser marked Solutions, Asset tracking Labels


Health Care Industry

Fascia & Overlays, Membrane Keypads, Name plates, Dome Labels, In-mold decoration, UL Approved labels,

Equipment Manufacturers

Body Graphics & Decals, High Temperature Labels, Anti Skid pads, Display articals, Safety Signages, Asset tracking labels


Chemical Industry

Chemdecals (Chemical proof special labels), High perforemance Labels, Safety Signages, Name Plates

Ready to Use

Safety Signages, Toys, Blank Label stock, Tamper Edviant labels, Polyester Insulation tapes, Name Plates, Custom designed Gifts, Souvenir & Mementos, 4x4 Matrix Membrance keypad


Domestic Appliances

Pressure sensetive labels, Fascias & Overlays, Dome Labels, Memberane keypads, In-mold decoration, Graphics & decals, Tamper evident labels, Laser marked solutions, Asset tracking labels

Safety Signage

Standard safety instruciton posters & Banners, Custom designed glow in night posters, Name plates


IT Industry

Blank Labels, Cabel wraps, Name plates, Safety Signages

Plastic Industry

Laser marked solutions, Tamper evident labels, Equipment fraphics & overlays, Memberane keypads, Name plates


Power Distribution

Membrane Keypads, Fascia & Overlays, Tamper evident Labels, In-Mold decorated parts, Laser marked Soltuoins, Asset tracking Labels, Self adhesive Labels