Facilities & Equipments

CNC Printing Lines

Fully automatic flat bed and cylindrical press. Loading, printing & drying completely automated for very high turn around. Dedicated team to ensure smooth flow including graphics design, film & screen preparation. One of a kind printing facility in INDIA.

Routing Machines

We are trusted partners for plastic insulators for world know customers including Schneider Electric, GE Group, BEL etc. Our 2D and 3D routing facility, with a process able size of 5 feets x 9 feets. Biggest routing facility available locally, also complemented with hydraulic bending machines for bending 2D profiles. We process large volume of FR grade Polycarbonate, Glass filled Epoxy sheets, Hylam, Wood, Different density foams. 

Our 2D machines have stepper motor controls & 3D machines have servo drives. Dedicated facility & team for quick design & programming of machines.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting facility to cut accurate profiles. We are equipped to process Poly carbonate, Acrylic, Plexiglas, Hylam, Different density foams & any other non metallic sheets.

We have been engaged in serving our customers for large volume of accurately cut profiles in FR grade & UL approved insulators sizes up to 600 x 600 mm. 

Laser Marking

Our fiber laser marking facility to process special laser mark able adhesive sheets for very high durability. Complete auto mated feeding & re-coiling for label stock.

We have been successful in developing a replacement for asset tracking solution on fuel ejection pumps in automotive application, by replacing conventional aluminum name plate with laser marked labels.

Roll printing

Roll to roll printing automated lines, 2 color printing simultaneously with color scanners for registering after each printing. Automated feeding & re-rolling after each printing cycle with in built dryer. Complemented with slitting & roll punching lines.

In-Mold Decoration

Inhouse high pressure injection molding machines to produce IN MOLD DECORATED parts. Our years of experience in screen printing has resulted to develop variety of labels for IMD process.

We are serving Automotive customers as well as Medical Equipment manufacturers with our IMD solutions.